Meet The Team

Rick F. 

Columbus Plumbing Manager 

Rick is one of our plumbing managers within Discount Drains. Within his 11 years of experience, he brings knowledge and expertise to the field along with excellent customer service. Apart from Rick’s specialties as a plumber, he resides in Delaware, Ohio with his wife Erin and enjoys video games, tabletop games, and spending time with his family.

Theresa T.

Operations Manager 

Theresa is our new Operations Manager who brings 10+ years of experience to our office. Her hard work and dedication to our customers have made her an excellent addition to the team. Outside of the office she enjoys spending time with her two boys, along with traveling all over the US and singing karaoke.  

Kyle L. 

Cincinnati Plumbing Manager 

Kyle is our Plumbing Manager of the Cincinnati Office! He has been with the company for a year and is a wonderful addition. With his expansive knowledge, he has been able to assist our customers in amazing ways. Outside of work he enjoys watching sports, spending time with family and working out. He is also a USMC Vet.

Columbus Plumbing Team 

Cincinnati Plumbing  Team

Seage has immense experience as a plumber who has worked with Discount Drains for more than five years. His specialty is repairing and installing gas pipes.  Seage is highly professional, friendly, and efficient! When not working, he spends time with his three children, plays video games and weight lifts. 

Plumbing Technician 


Justin is a great plumber who has received wonderful reviews from our customers. He has been with the company for 2.5 years and is a great addition. Outside of work he enjoys spending time with friends, camping and playing sports. 

Plumbing Technician 

Justin C.

Nick is a very experienced plumber who loves to make our customers smile. His charismatic personality and level of expertise have impressed many who have had him in their home.  Outside of work he enjoys, outdoor sports, spending time with family and crocheting.

Plumbing Technician 


Kaylen is a wonderful and knowledgeable plumbing technician, who brings 3 years of experience to our company. He has received great reviews from customers about his professionalism and character. Born in Michigan, he loves to travel back to spend time with family. He is also an avid football fan and plays with his two sons regularly. He also loves to volunteer his time to assist his community and also works on cars.

Plumbing Technician 


Trevor has been with us for 2.5 years and has excellent customer service! his knowledge has helped many a customer with their plumbing needs.  A native to Columbus and a new father he loves spending time with his little one and wife, and watching the Cleveland Browns

Plumbing Technician 


Gage is one of our plumbing technicians who has shown great initiative and willingness to learn and expand his knowledge of the field. His customer service and attitude are exceptional and has shown this by his positive customer reviews! In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and child, as well as playing video games and playing basketball. 

Plumbing Technician 


Austin is one of our top plumbers. When there is an issue, he is the best one to call! His knowledge and expertise in the field has proven that he was the right choice for the job. He enjoys fishing, outdoor sports and cooking. 

Plumbing Technician 


Joe is a wonderful plumber who has been with Discount Drains for 3 years. He has received great reviews from customers about his knowledge, kind heart, and great personality. Outside of work he enjoys spending time with family, hiking and playing football. 

Plumbing Technician 

Joe F.

Allen is one of our best plumbers! He has been with the company for a year and has fit in wonderfully. His customer service and knowledge of the field has been a great addition to our team. When not helping customers, he enjoys working on cars, and spending time with his wife and daughter. 

Plumbing Technician 


Columbus Water Restoration Division  



Chris is the manager of our Water Restoration Team and has extensive knowledge in the area. He is able to restore a home to pre-damage conditions and assist in preventing wood rot or mold development which can damage the home. He also enjoys hunting, is an excellent artist and has a soft spot for cats.

Water Restoration Manager 



Justin is one of our water restoration technicians and brings three years of experience to our company. He has proven to be an exceptional technician with amazing customer reviews while building an excellent rapport with customers. In his free time, he enjoys working on cars, taking road trips, expressing himself artistically and playing with his bull mastiff puppy.

Water Restoration Technician

Justin R. 

Ben is our newest Water Restoration Technician and is a joy to work with! His kind heart, professionalism, and willingness to learn is a sight to see. Outside of work he enjoys spending time with family, fishing, outdoor sports and working on cars. 

Water Restoration Technician


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Cory his one of our Cincinnati plumbers and has been with the company for 2 years. His professionalism and warm personality have impressed many of our customers! Outside of work he enjoys camping, spending time with family and outdoor sports. 

Plumbing Technician

Cory B.


Tim has 3 years of experience as a plumber under his belt and has received great customer reviews! He also has an expansive background in construction as well. Outside of work he enjoys spending time with family, fishing and also helps frame and build homes for his community. 

Plumbing Technician 

Tim G.

Nate has been with us since September and is a wonderful addition! His experience and knowledge of the plumbing field have kept many of our customers happy. When not placing smiles on customers' faces, he enjoys camping, kayaking, and hiking.  

Plumbing Technician

Nate W.

Columbus Excavation Team 

As the head of our excavation team, Brian oversees all our excavation projects. and brings in years of extensive knowledge and expertise that he shares with our team. He is well-equipped and is able to provide estimates for any size project. Outside of work he enjoys traveling with his wife of 17 years, playing outdoor sports with his sons, and going to concerts.

Excavation Manager


Cole is such a wonderful member of the Discount Drains family. He has received many 5 star reviews from our customers! Outside of work he enjoys reading, working on cars and spending time with friends and family. 

Excavation Technician 


James has been with the company for 6 months as is a wonderful addition to our excavation team. His work shows the pride that he takes in his job and his customer service is exceptional. He is a loving father of 2 kids and enjoys playing video games and kayaking.

Excavation Technician 


Zach is one of our newest members of Discount Drains! He has shown great initiative and enthusiasm for learning the ropes of the field. He has been with us for 8 months and we are very happy to have him. When not working he likes to play video games, go to the gym and work on trucks

Excavation Technician 


Columbus HVAC Division


Tyler is the HVAC Manager who has 10+ years of experience, he oversees anything related to heating & cooling. Tyler spends his quality time in Plain City, Ohio with his family of three. He also enjoys staying fit by working out, finding things around his house to fix, and playing outdoor sports.

HVAC Manager



Joe is in our HVAC division and brings years of experience to the field. Not only does he bring expertise but he also has a charismatic personality and loves to help our customers with any issue they have. 

HVAC Technician

Joe W.

Discount Drains Logo

Kevin is another new member of the Discount Drains Team! We welcome him as he learns with our HVAC crew the ins and outs of the job. He has already shown his willingness to learn and intuitive to get the job done correctly. 

HVAC Technician




Shawn is one of our company’s longest plumbers, He can fix just about anything that's broken. Specialties include pipe fitting, water heaters and gas lines. Shawn trains all of our apprentices and holds monthly training with our plumbers to ensure accuracy and efficiency. Outside of work he loves to spend time with his wife and sons,  as well as fishing and outdoor sports.

Training Manager



Discount Drains Logo

Aaron is our new mechanic with 10+ years of experience under his belt! Already he has helped us tremendously and we appreciate his hard work and expertise. When not assisting us with our fleet of trucks he enjoys spending time with his 2 children and family. 

Automotive Manager