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Not All Drain Cleaners Are The Same We don't just poke a hole in a bigger problem. We want to find out why your drain is being clogged in the first place and how you can prevent it from happening again. Not only our are services cheaper than our competition, they are better. We use the best machines, the best blades, the most advanced jetter heads and the latest in camera inspection technology. It's important to know the health of your drain waste and venting system in your home. We at Discount Drains want to help you understand your plumbing systems better.

Hydro Jetting

When you have a tough clog whether it's caused by root intrusion or grease build-up, the best way to clear the line is with high-pressure hydro jetting.


Our jetters scrape the walls of the pipes to safely remove grease, roots, food waste and build up in a line. Hydro Jetting is a more effective cleaning method for pipes than running cables. 

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